Induction Process

Induction into the DSU Hall of Fame

Faculty, staff, students and alumni who have been nominated by a committee of their peers will be inducted into the Dakota State University Academic Hall of Fame where their scholarly and creative work will be housed as part of the legacy of innovation, research and creativity that thrives on DSU’s campus.

Nominations for the Academic Hall of Fame will be collected the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment. The OIEA will remove all identifiable information prior to distribution for review. Committee reviewers will have six weeks to evaluate nominations and will select the top three nominees. A committee approved rubric will be emailed to the reviewers and housed in Beadle Scholar for public consumption.

The selections from each college will be reviewed in committee where inductees will be selected ALL SELECTIONS can be emailed to the Vice President of Academic Affairs,

Upon selecting the first inductees into the Academic Hall of Fame, the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs will send a letter to each inductee notifying him or her of this award and inviting him or her to the First Annual Academic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Hall of Famers will be interviewed about their work and about being selected for the Hall of Fame, a video that will be featured in the Hall of Fame interactive media. Content will be edited an uploaded to the Hall of Fame wall or shown on a projector in the library.

Each Hall of Famer will receive an award designed to reflect their field; input from each college will be sought in the design of the award, an award piece that is reflective of the college/discipline. Each Hall of Famer will have their name etched into the hall of fame plaque which will feature all the names, dates, and disciplines of those honored by induction. Hall of Famers will also receive documentation of their hall of fame status signed by the VP of academic affairs and the University President.

Hall of Famer’s will have their work archived in Beadle Scholar by the start of the First Annual Academic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

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