Nomination Form

Academic Hall of Fame Call for Nominations

The Dakota State University Academic Hall of Fame was initiated in the Winter of 2018, and is held annually during spring semester as part of celebrating past and present research and creative work produced by DSU faculty, staff, students and alumni. The Academic Hall of Fame is part of an initiative to bring greater visibility to scholarly work at DSU, and to foster a collegiate environment that celebrates achievement in research and creative works. The Hall of Fame venue invites individual members to participate in showcasing their scholarly and creative work in a centralized space, that provides prominence and serves as a cornerstone of innovation, research and creativity at DSU.

Nomination Criteria:
Nominations are requested for faculty, staff, students, and alumni who have demonstrated excellence in their respective field and whom their peers, mentors, and colleagues recognize as outstanding representatives of DSU’s scholarly and creative excellence. Nominations will be reviewed by a representative ad hoc committee, who will vote on the nominees.

Criteria for inclusion:

  • At present, the ad hoc committee tasked with organizing this project, is in the process of developing criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame.
  • These criteria and assessment rubrics will be made available upon completion.

Nomination Process:

Please submit your nominations to the of Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and include the following information:

  • Name and faculty rank of nominee and/or;
  • Name and staff rank of nominee and/or;
  • Name and student expected graduation date of nominee and/or;
  • Name and alumni year of graduation of nominee;
  • Brief comment on why you have nominated this person;
  • Name of nominee;
  • Brief bio on the nominee;
  • Brief comment on why you have nominated this person.

Nominations for 2018. The committee will select the Hall of Fame honorees and strive for diverse representation of scholarly and creative work.

About Academic Hall of Fame

Much like an athletic hall of fame, the Academic Hall of Fame will be a physical representation of the exceptional scholarly and creative work that has been produced at DSU. It will be an attractive area with spaces for physical objects---published books, representative art, and depictions of scholarly output, as well as space for digital visual representation. Nominees selected to be included in the Hall of Fame will have their names permanently included on a plaque. Throughout the year, this display will then serve as a backdrop to highlight the current and ongoing scholarly and creative activity of DSU.

Plans to renovate the Mundt Library are underway, and the Academic Hall of Fame is a key feature of that renovation. Until complete plans and design for the Hall of Fame are complete, there is currently a Hall of Fame 1.0 on temporary display in the library.