Nomination Letter

Example of Nomination Letter:

The Dakota State University Provost of Academic Affairs, the curators of Beadle Scholar as well as several other DSU stakeholders are collaborating to implement a platform where DSU faculty, staff, students and alumni can be nominated to showcase their scholarly and creative work. It is in the spirit of pride in our faculty and student works that we endeavor to nominate individuals to have their work featured in the Academic Hall of Fame and to be recognized for excellence in their field or discipline.

The Academic Hall of Fame will be housed in DSU’s Karl E. Mundt Library and will feature an interactive media that interfaces with Beadle Scholar, the public face of DSU’s scholarly research archive. In addition, the design and physical space surrounding the Scholar’s Hall of Fame will accommodate the diverse body of research that is produced at DSU, and be an inviting space for collegiate exchange.

We are in the process of developing nomination criteria for faculty, students and DSU alumni as well as constructing an ad hoc committee to review nominees. The goal of the Hall of Fame is to feature scholarship in all program areas at DSU, and to honor the diversity in scholarly work that is emerging from the expertise of our personnel and students.

Dakota State University, in its 137- year history, forges ahead with the intent of honoring and supporting the scholarly and creative work of faculty, staff, students and alumni. Please consider your part in this process and look for nomination criteria to be outlined in future communication.

Please direct any questions to the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs