Academic Opportunities

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Unique experiences for unique leaders.

Attending DSU is as much about the experiences as it is about degree you earn and we offer you a variety academic opportunities, extraordinary experiences included. These programs at DSU can help you grow as an student along with discovering others with similar interests and inspirations as you. 

You can learn a little bit below about each program we offer or dive deeper into a specific program’s curriculum and admission requirements. We think you’ll find a program that will spark your interest or ignite your passion, it’s just up to you take the next step.

Center of Excellence in Computer Information Systems

You want to be a leader in all things technology. You are also looking at a business, education or science career. Our Center of Excellence in Computer Information Systems is a minor for anyone, in any degree program who wants to be a tech expert in their field.

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Cyber Corps Scholarship Program

Being an elite member of the Cyber Corps Scholarship program gives you a lot of perks including: full-ride scholarships, stipends, research opportunities and a guaranteed security job in federal, state, local and tribal government organizations once you graduate.

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General Beadle Honors Program

Sharpen your intellect, surround yourself with bright minds and engage in close academic relationships with faculty in the General Beadle Honors Program. Available for any major in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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4+1 Program

You not only have the goal of completing a bachelor’s degree, but you also want to push yourself to obtain your master’s degree as well. Our 4+1 Program gives you the unique opportunity to finish both degrees in five years. The program is offered in a variety disciplines to fit your career aspirations.

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