Academic Support

Title III at DSU

The following academic support options are funded through a Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education.  

What is Title III?

In 2016, the University received a grant from the DoE as a part of their Strengthening Institutions (Title III) program.  The following programs are a part of the new Academic Support department at DSU.  

Program Goals:

  • Increase academic success in high-risk gateway and major’s courses (defined as courses having success rates of less than 75%; success rates = C or higher)
  • Increase student timely degree completion with individualized support resources.  Low degree completion with 150% of time compared to peers (Baseline = 41%; Goal = 55%)
  • Reduce loss of enrollment revenue by retaining more students to the second year. Low first year to second year retention compared to peers (Baseline = 64.9%; Goal = 75%)

Grant Objectives:

  • Individualized Student Coaching provided by professional advisors & student peer coaches;
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions for high-risk gateway and majors courses;
  • Expanded Learning Assistance in the DSU Writing Center to support writing, reading and reasoning skills for all undergraduate students
Judy Dittman
Judy Dittman
Judy Dittman

Position: Associate Provost/Title III Director

Department: President’s Office

Ph.D., University of Iowa
M.S., South Dakota State University
B.S., Black Hills State University

Kristy Ullom
Kristy Ullom
Kristy Ullom

Position: Director of Institutional Research

Department: Office of Institutional Research

Dana Hoff
Dana Hoff
Dana Hoff

Position: Academic Advisor

Department: Athletics