Guidelines for Student Show

First Bank & Trust - DSU Art Gallery


The mission of the Dakota State University Art Gallery addresses the following criteria: education, dialogue, and diversity. The purpose of the Gallery is to highlight activities by DSU students and faculty and to expose the University and surrounding community to the works of local and regional artists. The Gallery, located on the first floor of the Karl Mundt Library, is named the First Bank & Trust Gallery in recognition of Madison First Bank & Trust's generous support of the DSU 2.0 Capital Campaign and their on-going commitment to the arts.

The University will appoint a Gallery Coordinator who will ensure the integrity of the DSU Art Gallery and coordinate exhibits.


All proposals for exhibitions on-campus or off-campus which are associated with the DSU Art Gallery will be arranged through the Gallery Coordinator for publicity, scheduling, installation, or planning. This collaboration will ensure coordination of activities related to the function of the gallery.

The gallery's schedule is planned one to two years in advance.

Exhibits of the DSU Art Gallery will be archived on the Gallery's website under the supervision of the coordinator.

The Coordinator (or a designee) also supervises summer exhibits and supervises rotation and preservation of the DSU permanent collection.

Funding for the operation of the Gallery (including insurance coverage for hosted exhibits and the DSU permanent collection) is requested annually through the general activity fee budgeting process.