Digital Arts and Design: Digital Sound Design (BS)

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The Digital Arts and Design Digital Sound Design degree (offered on campus) lays a solid foundation for a career in sound design, soundtrack production, music software/technology, and audio production (live sound and recording arts) You'll learn conceptual and practical skills to design sounds used in music, entertainment (film, game, animation, etc), and music technology and software industries. And, at DSU, you'll learn it all with the latest technologies.

The digital sound design program is actually a specialization of the digital arts and design degree. This means you'll take core requirements that will prepare you to work on multimedia design teams and give you opportunities for internships and research. Then, your digital sound specialization will build on this. In the end, you'll acquire the experience to work in a recording studio or a live concert venue—and everything in between.

Benefits of studying digital sound design at DSU

Outside of class, digital sound design students are involved in a number of campus groups and activities. Students help with live concert set-ups at DSU Live, host recording sessions in the studio, and collaborate across campus in projects needing sound design (game, animation, film, etc.).

Integrated technology

Fluidity with industry DAW’s, computer sciences, and recording technologies are essential for success in the sound design and music industry. At DSU, we focus on bringing you the latest technology. You’ll be trained in the science of sound, sound design, DAW’s, recording studio technology and techniques, live sound technology and techniques.  Through your undergraduate studies, you will also build your portfolio to launch your career in the professional world, or to continue studies at the graduate level. 

Possible job titles

  • Sound Design for Streaming Platforms

  • Audio Journalism

  • Recording Arts

  • Audio Engineering

  • Media Production

  • Live Sound Production

Next steps

See what classes you’ll be taking with our plan of study.

Schedule a campus visit to meet digital sound design professors and students in the department and see the campus.

You can always contact us with any questions—or just to talk about what is possible.