English for New Media Certificate

On-demand access to content anytime, anywhere continues to grow. As it does so, its impact can be felt throughout the world. Political campaigns, social movements, and traditional media can rise or fall based on their ability to harness new trends and respond to their global audience. Being prepared to create content in this new media environment requires adaptability and a solid publishing background.

Whether you want to get into digital publishing or you’re already there and looking to expand your skill set, our English for New Media certificate program can help. This 12-credit program will refine what you know about new media, digital publishing, and elements of design.

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Integrated Technology

These four courses will introduce you to essential software for creating computer-generated images and digital layouts. You’ll get practical experience in the production of new and traditional media, including a primer on essential web languages like HTML.

Prepared, for whatever comes next

Should you decide to continue your education, this certificate program can transfer to our English for New Media bachelor’s degree.

Possible job titles

  • Writer/editor
  • Digital strategist
  • Copywriter

Next steps

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