Information Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Information Technology Entrepreneurship certificate program is a module-based, non-credit interdisciplinary program for individuals who have basic information technology skills. The coursework with this certificate will give students the entrepreneurship skills needed to start and operate a successful business. With advancements in telecommunications and information technology, this work can be done virtually anywhere in the United States or even the world, meaning that remote rural areas will no longer be at a major economic disadvantage. This program will provide rural residents with the information technology entrepreneurship skills and tools needed to capitalize on this opportunity.

The certificate program will not offer courses or program modules for credit. To earn the Information Technology Entrepreneurship certificate, individuals would complete a minimum of four modules:

  • Building a New Business in Technology
  • Hiring and Managing Employees
  • Website Development to Support Entrepreneurship
  • Successful Computer Consulting
  • Software Design Estimation
  • Using Finance Software to Monitor your Business

Prepared for whatever comes next

Should you decide to continue your education, this certificate program can transfer to various degrees at the university.

Possible job titles

  • Technical writer/editor
  • Grant writer
  • Copywriter