Mathematics Education (BSE)

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Mathematics education is for those who want to share the simple beauty of a perfectly expressed equation. It's for those who want to show their students that there is more to infinity. DSU's mathematics education major (offered on campus) will prepare you.

Benefits of studying mathematics education at DSU

Our graduates are trained to teach both math and computer science classes. You'll receive a full-fledged mathematics education major, and you'll also have a K–12 educational technology endorsement. It's built right into the degree. This means you will not only know how to integrate technology into your classrooms, but you can teach computer classes at elementary, middle and high school levels.

Math education classes are close-knit and hands-on, letting you work closely with our faculty. Our faculty have real-life experience teaching and working with state education projects. As a student in their classrooms, you'll receive real-world advice.

You'll also have a year-long residency (a two-semester student teaching opportunity) in the public schools as your capstone experience. As a student teacher, you will teach at one level (middle or high school) to give you a jump start on your teaching career.

Outside the classroom, there is ample opportunity for students to work as tutors in the Math Success Center. The Center uses a computer-assisted instruction tool to deliver remedial mathematics classes. It will also diversify your teaching experience. There are also a number of student activities and clubs and grants and scholarships are available for our students.

Integrated technology

In the classroom, we'll use technology to analyze and solve mathematical problems. You'll use mathematical modeling software, mobile devices, a computer algebra system, and the Geometer's Sketchpad. And, you'll be able to bring these technologies to your future students.

Possible job titles

  • High School Mathematics Teacher
  • Middle School Mathematics Teacher
  • Technology Coordinator
  • K-12 Technology Teacher

Next steps

See what classes you’ll be taking with our plan of study.

Schedule a campus visit to meet mathematics education professors and students in the department and see the campus.

You can always contact us with any questions—or just to talk about what is possible.

What Students Say

Rachel Hughes

"My favorite part about DSU is how close you are with people. Since it’s a small school, I have gotten to know so many people. I also like the class sizes, they are large enough so you feel like you’re at a big university, but small enough so that the teachers still know you and can help you!"

Rachel Hughes
Hometown: Sioux Falls, S.D.
Major: Mathematics Education