Multimedia Design and Production Certificate

All good artists benefit from knowledge of their materials. Artists of old used to acquire this knowledge through an apprenticeship and a lifetime of charcoal on paper or grinding up paints for the canvas. In the digital space, things are a little more streamlined, but it still helps to have a guide.

Our Multimedia Design and Production certificate will get you up and running. This 12-credit program will quickly give you a focused introduction to 2D and 3D digital design, as well as the foundational principles of art theory.

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Integrated technology

Digital software and equipment will be central to these four courses on 2D and 3D design. You’ll learn how to create images and vector files for professional graphic design projects and animation for videos and film.

Prepared, for whatever comes next

This certificate program will prepare you for entry-level design work and get you started in your artistic endeavors. Should you decide later to continue your education, these classes can also transfer to a number of design-focused programs at DSU, including our Digital Arts and Design bachelor’s degrees like Computer Graphics and Production Animation.

Possible job titles

  • Graphic designer
  • Animator
  • Multimedia designer

Next steps

Contact admissions for more information on entrance requirements, financial aid, and taking classes at DSU.

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