Physical Education (BSE)

Physical Education

In physical education, you will develop an appreciation for the joy of being physically active and gained skills that help you remain physically active and healthy throughout your life.  Learn how activity affects your body, how health impacts you as an individual and society, and discover that making good choices is the key to remaining happy and healthy.  You will learn these lessons and more in DSU’s Physical Education major (offered on campus).

Benefits of studying physical education at DSU

Our physical education program prepares you to teach P.E. at any level, kindergarten through high school. All of our education graduates receive a K-12 educational technology endorsement. It's built right into the degree. This means our teachers not only know how to integrate technology into their classrooms, but they can teach computer classes at elementary, middle and high school levels.

DSU also offers coaching endorsements. For those who want to lead and train students in after-school sports, you can easily get your endorsement in the course of your studies.

You'll also have a year-long residency (a two-semester student teaching opportunity) in the public schools as your capstone experience. As a student teacher, you will teach at the elementary, middle or high school levels to give you a jump start on your teaching career. You’ll be ready to lead the class when it’s time.

Internships and research opportunities are available. You can help faculty write grants and conduct research during your studies. You'll also have student teaching opportunities in the public schools. As a student teacher, you will teach at two different levels (elementary, middle or high school) to give you greater breadth.

Outside the classroom, there is ample opportunity for students to get involved in student activities and clubs like the PE and Coaching Club. Grants and scholarships are also available for our physical education students.

Integrated technology

During your studies, you'll learn in our Human Performance Lab. Here, you'll study how the body performs under the stresses of sports and exercise. You'll also learn how to prevent and care for athletic injuries. All of these skills will help you keep your future students safe and healthy.

Possible job titles

  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Motor Development Specialist
  • Athletic Director
  • K-12 Technology Teacher

Next steps

See what classes you’ll be taking with our plan of study.

Schedule a campus visit to meet physical education professors and students in the department and see the campus.

You can always contact us with any questions—or just to talk about what is possible.