Physical Science (BS)

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At DSU we believe the sciences aren't distinct and separate. Modern scientists need to be well-rounded. That's why we've combined chemistry and physics in our physical science major (offered on campus)..

As a physical science student, you will receive a comprehensive technology-focused education in science and mathematics that will prepare you for graduate study and challenging technical positions in industry and government.

Benefits of studying physical science at DSU

Our graduates are highly sought after by industry and higher educational programs. Job placement in the field is 100 percent. Many of our graduates have job offers or graduate school plans before leaving campus.

Our professors are experts in particle, nuclear and quantum physics, statistical thermodynamics, neutrino-physics, dark matter, computational chemistry and physics, environmental chemistry and toxicology, analytical chemistry, astrochemistry, chemical oceanography, chemical origins of life and astrobiology. Their collaborations with scientists at top research institutions permit our students one-of-a-kind research and scholarship opportunities. 

There are scholarships available only to physical science majors. In addition, faculty work with students on independent research projects. Outside the classroom, there are a number of student activities and clubs to get involved in.

Integrated technology

At DSU, we focus on modern technology. Our students are prepared to become chemists or physicists for industries that use modern technology. They're also prepared to pursue an advanced degree in chemistry, physics, engineering, or medicine. Because we integrate business into our curriculum, our graduates are also capable of taking administrative roles in the scientific community. A background in computational methods is especially valuable in science-based information industries.

Computer technology permeates our program. You'll start with automated data collection devices. Then, advanced courses will cover the most modern computational calculation software available today. You'll also have access to all journals published by the American Chemical Society and molecular modeling programs. As a college, we invest in keeping our technology up-to-date and giving you the tools you'll need.

Possible job titles

  • Physicist
  • Chemist
  • Computer support of information systems

Next steps

See what classes you’ll be taking with our plan of study.

Schedule a campus visit to meet physical science professors and students in the department and see the campus.

You can always contact us with any questions—or just to talk about what is possible.