Web Development (AS)

student outside with computer and books

Code your way to web development

Think about it for a second. You’re currently on the Internet. On our webpage.

How’d you get here? How was this website made? What codes did they use in the development process? If you’re curious about the development and structure of websites, our Web Development degree is perfect for you.

At DSU, you will become familiar with the technologies that enhance your skills in web development. You will publish actual code in real world contexts and position yourself to enter a career in high demand. You’ll have access to a top-notch virtualized environment where you can test your work on multiple operating systems, work in a protected sandbox on security issues, or explore options on a variety of server operating systems.

Develop your web skills.

You’ll understand the basics of how to develop, design, test, and deliver secure and accessible web apps. You’ll also learn to manipulate data efficiently, to make optimal use of computing resources. Furthermore, you’ll write, test, and maintain computer programs and web applications in at least three programming languages.

DSU has been recognized by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for its high-quality curriculum which teaches students to write code, manage the development process, manipulate data efficiently, take user needs into account, develop style sheets, and deliver successful, secure products that meet accessibility standards.

More that meets the eye

If you want to continue your education, this program will prepare you for a specialty in Application Development within our Computer Information Systems program.

  • Web developer
  • Database programmer
  • IT consultant
  • Systems analyst
  • Systems developer