Complete your education your way.

There are two ways to complete your courses off campus: online and in-person at the University Center - Sioux Falls. All of these courses follow DSU’s curriculum standards.

Our online courses let you take the courses entirely online, from anywhere. You'll use a variety of resources like our course management system, Desire2Learn, to get assignments, lecture notes, and exams. You’ll be able to set your own schedule and work with your classmates in a virtual classroom. View a list of our online program offerings.

DSU also offers 18 degree programs at University Center - Sioux Falls. This brings the classroom to students in southeastern South Dakota who can’t make the move or commute to our main campus. View a list of our University Center - Sioux Falls courses.

Please note that DSU does not currently offer complete programs or courses through the UC–Rapid City location. We invite interested students in this area to look at our online degrees.

What is the Dual Credit Program?

DSU’s Dual Credit program lets you earn college credit while still in high school. These credits count towards your degree if you enroll at DSU. They are also transferable to most colleges and universities. Learn more about our Dual Credit program.

How much does a distance or online education cost?

Our tuition rates are billed per credit hour. You can see current rates in Tuition and Payments.

What are the registration deadlines?

To register for University Center - Sioux Falls courses, you’ll follow DSU’s regular application process. You can register as an online student at almost any time. View current online registration deadlines on our Online Degrees page.


Contact us if you have any questions about distance and online education at DSU. Our Online Learning Staff are here to help.

Student Verification Statement

Federal law requires that universities verify the identity of students when course materials and/or course assessment activities are conducted either partially or entirely online. A student’s Desire2Learn (D2L) login and password are intended to provide the student with secure access to course materials and are also intended to help the university meet this federal mandate. Some DSU Faculty also require the use of a proctor for exams in distance-delivered (Internet) courses and this requirement provides a second level of student identity verification. Finally, an instructor who uses web conferencing technology may require students to use a webcam during exams, as another means of student identity verification through voice and visual recognition.