Madison Cyber Labs

Madison Cyber Labs (MadLabs) are designed to build on DSU’s current and expanding capabilities as a cyber leader by establishing a center for cyber security and cyber operations research and development in South Dakota.

This R&D hub will stimulate economic development by drawing cybersecurity students and professionals to DSU and by giving them compelling reasons to stay in South Dakota to study and work in a variety of interdisciplinary areas. This economic impact will spread to the state, region, and beyond, as the labs will create partnerships with other regental schools, government agencies, businesses and industry, non-profit groups and international higher education institutions.

The Components of the MadLabs:

Resources: laboratory research space, state-of-the-art hardware and software, faculty expertise, and growing institutional relationships with a wide variety of agencies both public and private

People: Undergraduate and graduate students; faculty; researchers; interns; and other collaborators

Programs: cyber degrees from the associate to doctoral level, along with other professional development opportunities.

Research areas and institutes: currently there are 11 areas of focus, in defined interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary areas.  

DSU IT: Infrastructure protection and security R&D relating to the DSU campus IT environment

South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard, the South Dakota Board of Regents and Dakota State University announced in August of 2017 that PREMIER Bankcard President and CEO Miles Beacom and his wife Lisa, along with Denny Sanford, owner of the Sioux Falls-based First PREMIER Bank and PREMIER Bankcard, gifted the university $30 million. This is one of the largest single gifts to higher education in South Dakota history. The transformational gift will fund the construction of the Madison Cyber Labs, scholarships for students, and support for additional faculty and staff.

The gift also leverages additional support. Gov. Daugaard has pledged $10 million from the Future Fund to support Dakota State University’s cybersecurity education efforts. In addition, DSU has committed to leverage an additional $20 million in support from federal sources, as well as additional support from private donors.

“I’m excited for the vision created by Dr. Griffiths…and humbled to be able to help this great institution, DSU, as tomorrow’s students, many of them from right here in our region, are perfectly positioned to help fill the workforce gap and protect and defend our citizens and our nation.”

Miles Beacom  

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