FinTech Cyber Lab

FinTech's mission is to advance the security and safety of the nation’s digital banking infrastructure through research, education and outreach.

Center Focus Areas:

  1. Research: Working collaboratively with students, faculty, and a range of public government and industry scientists to address knowledge gaps through research and solution building.
  2. Awareness, Training and Education: Better equipping FinTech stakeholders in cybersecurity dangers and best practices. Providing workforce development cyber training and educational programs, including certificate programs and partnerships with other institutions.
  3. Outreach: Conducting critical review and analysis of available cyber security bills, whitepapers, scientific and public policy information in FinTech. Convening experts to assess cybersecurity problems, analyze available information, and develop effective public policy recommendations. Making current cyber security information widely available to FinTech industry constituents, academia, consumers, and other stakeholders.

Center Activities (3 Year Plan):

  1. Create a FinTech Advisory Board (2017 – 5 members, 2018 – 8 members, 2019 – 10 members) to guide lab activities and disseminate information and solutions
  2. Create and maintain a Top 10 FinTech Hard Problems List by the end of 2017.  Update the list annually and publish results in 1st Quarter of 2018 and 2019.
  3. Develop next generation, secure digital banking solutions consistent with the Top 10 list
  4. Create other FinTech solutions as funded
  5. Create 10 grant submissions to fund FinTech research (2017 – one grant, 2018 – four grants, 2019 – five grants).
  6. Conduct 3 FinTech industry and/or academic cybersecurity conferences, symposiums, and summits.
  7. Publish 10 FinTech cyber papers.
  8. Speak at 10 FinTech conferences promoting DSU research, education and outreach solutions available via our FinTech Cyber Lab.
  9. Deliver high quality awareness, training and educational programs to develop a cadre of cyber professionals equipped to deal with future threats to the banking system.
  10. Work with federal FinTech policymakers to bring a cybersecurity voice in developing national policy, including Congressional meetings and testimonies.
  11. Create 1 cyber simulation program.
  12. Host an annual FinTech Innovation Challenge.

FinTech Cyber Lab Director

Kevin Streff
Kevin Streff
Kevin Streff

Position: Professor of Information Assurance / Coordinator for MSCD

Department: The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences

Ph.D., Capella University
M.B.A., Temple University
B.B.A., Dakota State University

Dr. Streff is professor and director of the FinTech Cyber Lab, which is part of the Madison Cyber Labs (MadLabs), an interdisciplinary security and privacy research center at Dakota State University. He has extensive knowledge of the financial services industry, including banking, insurance, and credit operations. Dr. Streff is founder and strategist of SBS Cybersecurity, a security consulting, education and auditing firm focused on improving security in community banks and credit unions across the country. Dr. Streff is founder and past president of InfraGard - South Dakota, a partnership program between private industry and the U.S. government. Dr. Streff has testified several times to congressional committees in the field and in Washington DC, helping lawmakers understand the security issues which need attention in the banking sector. He speaks nationally on security issues and solutions relevant to small and medium-sized banks, and has worked with Inc. Magazine, Forbes, CNN, National Public Radio, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal to communicate his ideas.