MADRID Lab – (Malware Discovery Reversing and Disruption)

The mission of this MadLab is to provide initial analysis of suspect, unknown or malicious software along with the ability for deep technical analysis.

MADRID Lab Director

Josh Stroschein
Josh Stroschein
Josh Stroschein

Position: Assistant Professor of Cyber Security/Network & Security Administration

Department: The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences

D.Sc. Cyber Security, Dakota State University, 2017
M.S. Information Assurance, Dakota State University, 2014
B.S. Computer Science & Criminal Justice, University of South Dakota, 2005

Dr. Josh Stroschein teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in cyber security with a focus on malware analysis, reverse engineering and software exploitation. His research interests include malware analysis and software exploitation. Outside of DSU, you can find Josh providing training at such venues as BlackHat USA, DerbyCon, Hack-In-The-Box and ToorCon.