Tuition and Fees

How much does college cost?

Any type of education is an investment in your future—and DSU’s future-forward curriculum and public-school cost make it a smart investment from any angle.

The costs you see below are for undergraduate students. If you’re a graduate or online student, your costs will be a little different.

We also have a more detailed breakdown of our tuition and fees (PDF), a list of cost by major/program, and an interactive net price calculator if you’d like to see more specific numbers.

The numbers below are based on a student who takes 15 credit hours on-campus per semester, lives in a double-occupancy residence hall room, and has a Dakota 145 meal plan.

Estimated undergraduate tuition and fees 2018-2019.

For SD, IA, NE and residents

  • Cost per credit hour2: $283.00
  • Tuition and fees: $4,245.00
  • Wireless computing fee*: $393.00
  • Housing and food service: $3,436.30
  • Total cost per year: $16,148.60

For MN residents

  • Cost per credit hour1: $286.55
  • Tuition and fees: $4,298.25
  • Wireless computing fee*: $393.00
  • Housing and food service: $3,436.30
  • Total cost per year: $16,255.10

For non-residents

  • Cost per credit hour: $382.10
  • Tuition and fees: $5,731.50
  • Wireless computing fee*: $393.00
  • Housing and food service: $3,436.30
  • Total cost per year: $19,121.60

Please note that books and supplies are not included in the above pricing, and tend to run about $1,000 per academic year.

South Dakota Advantage 2019-2020

South Dakota Advantage in State Tuition for Non-Resident Students

New students from adjacent states will soon experience the South Dakota Advantage, a tuition program that state public universities will offer, starting next summer, to new freshmen and new transfer students from six surrounding states.

The South Dakota Board of Regents adopted the new tuition policy offering new freshmen students and new transfer students from Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Colorado a tuition rate equivalent to the resident undergraduate rate.

Making college more affordable.

We're committed to making sure that attending DSU is affordable for you. Check out our financial aid options and contact us with any questions you may have.

The fine print.

You should know that additional fees may be assessed for special services or courses, and that fines may be assessed for failure to comply with university policies as stated in the DSU catalogs, student handbook, or other publications. The above schedule does not include all rates set by the Board of Regents. Special rates may apply to certain students.

*Our wireless computing fee includes a laptop computer, wireless anontd wired access to the DSU network, various software, and on-campus tech support.
1 Minnesota Reciprocity: Minnesota rates are effective through the summer 2019 term.
2Undergraduate tuition for Nebraska freshmen and first-time transfers starting summer of 2018. Undergraduate tuition for Iowa freshmen and first-time transfers starting in the summer 2016.


Every student's financial situation is different. We're here to answer any questions you may have about the cost of college.

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