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Preparing for your next big adventure

We have all the information you need right here for before and after registering.

Once you've applied and been accepted for admission

You can sign up to register for the next semester's classes.

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Before registering

You've signed up for a registration day or made an appointment, and you are wondering how to prepare or what else you need to check off your list.
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After registering

You've already registered but may have forgotten some of the info and need a refresher. No worries, it's a lot of information!
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Dual Credit Orientation

Once you've applied and been accepted for dual credit courses (you can look at all the course options and apply here), you will find all the "how to's" for the class in our Dual Credit Orientation.
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Still have a few questions?

We would be happy to answer them. You can either call us at 1-888-378-9988 or email It's that easy!