Space Day 2018

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

View the in-flight educational question and answer session with the International Space Station. 

 Several of the speakers will be livestreamed.

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SPACE DAY 2018 @ D.S.U. 

(tentative schedule)

9:30     Welcome and Introductory Remarks Dr. José-Marie Griffiths, President of Dakota State University
9:40     Presentation on space research and biology by Dr. Dale Droge
10:15     Demonstration by South Dakota Public Broadcasting's “Science Steve” – Steven Rokusek 
11:10   Live Downlink Interview with Astronaut Ricky R. Arnold II from onboard the International Space Station
Noon   Presentation from U.S.G.S. - E.R.O.S.
12:20   Presentation from Peggy Norris, Deputy Director of Education and Outreach, Sanford Underground Research Facility related to ballooning research with NASA's High-Altitude Student Platform (H.A.S.P.)
12:40   Presentation from Raven Aerostar (not livestreamed)
1:00   Dr. Michael Gaylor will moderate presentations and Q&A for Dr. Laurie Barge, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Dr. Brittney Schmidt, Georgia Tech. via Zoom/Skype

Space Day 2018 is a presentation of DSU's STEM Institute and supported in part by a Project Innovation Grant from the NASA South Dakota Space Grant Consortium and an Innovation Mini Grant from Dakota State University.