Business Analytics Graduate Certificate

Leverage data in any industry.

Use raw data to make smart decisions with this graduate-level certificate in business analytics. In this program, you’ll use business strategies and the latest technologies to set yourself up for a rewarding career.

This 12-credit program includes courses in data mining, databases, business decision-making, and more.

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Is this certificate right for me?

This program is perfect for you if: 

  • You’re an IT professional or business analyst in any industry.
  • You want to enhance your skill set by learning the technical and programming skills needed to analyze large amounts of data to solve business problems.
  • You have a strong quantitative background in statistics, mathematics, computer science, operations research, etc.

Possible job titles

  • Analytics professional
  • Data scientist
  • Data architect
  • Data governance specialist
  • Predictive modeler
  • Business intelligence/analytics developer
  • Data visualization specialist
  • Business, financial, supply chain, data, or market analyst
  • Computational scientist
  • Machine learning software engineer in technical, industrial, business, healthcare and financial companies of all sizes, as well as in the public sector

Benefits of getting your Business Analytics Certificate at DSU

We developed this certificate in direct response to the need in both the private and government sectors for professionals with the right combination of analytics, computer, and business skills. 

In addition to the career possibilities, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the small class sizes, the technical expertise of our faculty, and the public-school price tag.

Students with this certificate also make great candidates for our D.Sc. in Information Systems and MSIS programs.

Get your certificate online

For your convenience, our Business Analytics Graduate Certificate program can be taken completely online. 

Next steps

Find out what classes you will take in our Graduate Catalog. You can also apply today  for this certificate program.  Contact us with any questions you have—or just to discuss your options.