Community College for Sioux Falls

Take classes a little closer to home.

Some people just learn better in a classroom. We get it. If you like to take classes in person but can’t make it to our campus in Madison, the Community College for Sioux Falls brings DSU to southeastern South Dakota. Through our partnership, you can take DSU classes in Sioux Falls.

A better fit for your schedule.

The majority of our DSU courses at the Community College for Sioux Falls are taught in person by DSU professors. Since our professors can’t be in two places at once, DSU classes at the Community College for Sioux Falls are offered at different times than the main campus. If you have a schedule conflict that prevents you from taking a certain class on campus, you could take it at the Community College for Sioux Falls.

About the Community College for Sioux Falls

The Community College for Sioux Falls is a partnership among South Dakota’s three public universities. Its mission is to work cooperatively to deliver accessible, high-quality education in the Sioux Falls area.

Please note that DSU does not currently offer programs or courses through the UC–Rapid City location. We invite interested students in this area to look at our online degrees.

Available programs

Learn more about the programs offered at DSU by following the links below. To apply for classes at the Community College for Sioux Falls, simply apply online through DSU. You’ll indicate whether you want to take your classes through Community College for Sioux Falls on your application.


A.S. in Business Management
A.S. in Health Information Technology
A.S. in Network and Security Administration
A.S. in Respiratory Care
A.S. in Software Development
A.S. in Web Development


B.S. in Computer Science
B.S. in Cyber Operations
B.S. in Health Information Administration
B.S. in Information Systems
B.S. in Respiratory Care


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Science in Cyber Defense (MSCD)
Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)


Cybersecurity Certificate
Healthcare Coding Certificate
Network and Telecommunications Administration Certificate
Software Development Certificate