General Education Mobile (GEM)

GEM logoGEM is a partnership between the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and civilian academic institutions to offer general education courses to meet CCAF Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree requirements. GEM allows an Airman to complete all general education requirements at one institution via online distance coursework for faster degree completion. 

Dakota State University has partnered with CCAF to offer the following general education courses to fulfill the general education requirements for the AAS (choose one course from each requirement area below).

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Oral Communications

SPCM 101            Fundamentals of Speech              3 credit hours

Written Communication

ENGL 101             Composition I                               3 credit hours

ENGL 201             Composition II                              3 credit hours


Math 102             College Algebra                               3 credit hours

Math 121             Survey of Calculus                           3 credit hours

Math 123             Calculus I                                         3 credit hours

Social Science

Econ 201              Principals of Microeconomics          3 credit hours

Econ 202              Principals of Macroeconomics         3 credit hours

Geog 101             Introduction to Geography               3 credit hours

Geog 200             Introduction to Human Geography  3 credit hours

Hist 151               United States History I                     3 credit hours

Hist 152               United States History II                    3 credit hours

Pols 100              American Government                     3 credit hours

Psyc 101             General Psychology                         3 credit hours

Soc 100              Introduction to Sociology                  3 credit hours

Soc 150              Social Problems                               3 credit hours


Engl 210                Introduction to Literature              3 credit hours

Mus 100               Music Appreciation                        3 credit hours

Phil 100                 Introduction to Philosophy            3 credit hours

Thea 100              Introduction to Theatre                  3 credit hours

Thea 201              Film Appreciation                           3 credit hours