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DSU’s online classes help everyone succeed.

DSU’s online classes are convenient, low-cost, and reputable. They let you learn—without sacrificing the quality of your education or your other commitments at home.

Unlike a lot of other online universities, DSU has a physical campus location that has been around since 1881. As an online DSU student, you'll learn from the same professors that also teach on campus. All DSU students receive the same high-quality education, regardless of the format.

Our faculty know how to teach online classes. Often, our online courses are taught at the same time as the on-campus class. Because of this, many faculty will bring the online and on-campus students together through collaborative projects. This level of community is hard to find at other online institutions.

Our online classes are so convenient that even local DSU students take them. A lot of our on-campus students take online courses when they’re unable to get to campus due to work or an internship in the field. Online classes help everyone succeed.

Dakota State University (DSU) is an approved SARA institution. DSU has reciprocity approval for distance education with other SARA approved states. SARA provides standard expectations for institutional conduct and ensuring consumer protection.  Dakota State University is committed to complying with other states' authorization regulations. Dakota State University offers a wide variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of our students. Certain DSU programs may require experiences such as in-person proctoring of exams/quizzes, internships, or student teaching. Student will be responsible for any proctoring fees, if applicable. Please check to make sure the program you are interested in is offered in your state or country. Select the state/country you will reside in while taking courses.  If you change residency, make sure DSU knows about your change in residency. DSU does not provide the online program in all states or countries. While DSU does monitor laws in each state, authorization of distance education is a dynamic environment and you should check this site often for updates.

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Registration Deadlines

To register for the next semester’s classes, we must have received your completed application and all additional official paperwork the Wednesday before the semester starts. You can check when each semester's classes begin on the Academic Calendar. Please note there are two start dates for 6-week summer courses.

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