Everything education should be.

Our campus is at its best when everyone feels included—when it’s a place where people value and respect each other’s differences.

We firmly believe this, and make it a point to intentionally call out the benefits of learning from these differences while ensuring that everyone is included—no matter what.

Diversity on campus presents students with ways to explore, push the boundaries of their knowledge, and learn more about each other, themselves, and what it means to be a true global citizen. And really, isn’t that what education should be all about?

The Center for Multi-Cultural Affairs

More than what it seems, the Center for Multi-Cultural Affairs is located in the Learning Engagement Center (LEC) and features a quiet study area and lounge, where students can meet, relax, and just be themselves.

The Office of Diversity Services

This office is located within the Center for Multi-Cultural Affairs and functions as an educational, social, support, and academic resource for the DSU and Madison, SD communities.

The Great Plains Diversity Forum

All are welcome to join our Great Plains Diversity Forums, where we talk about the latest issues surrounding underrepresented groups in South Dakota and beyond. Past topics have included the language of oppression, religious diversity, and ADA accommodations.

So bring a brown-bag lunch and take a seat at a table where thoughtful discussion and the respectful sharing of opinions reigns.

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