FYRE (First Year Residence Experience)

Making your first year a success.

Your first year at college can be hard—but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll be leaving behind friends and family and trying to find your way in a new environment. We’re here to help.

The First Year Residence Experience will give you guidance and bring you together with other students. It’s led by residence life staff and upper-class students who have been where you are. It’s a long-standing tradition that has led to many life-long friendships. We focus on the unique challenges you’ll experience when transitioning to college, and help you find your way.

Make friends.

Having a strong social and peer network helps you be successful at DSU. That’s why we provide opportunities to make connections with other first year students within our halls. We host events that bring you together and encourage conversation.

Discover who you are.

You may have heard that college is for learning about yourself. In FYRE, we created a learning approach that focuses on your unique needs by listening to you. We also know that when you are given the opportunity to “be more,” you rise to the challenge.