Housing FAQs

What do I need to do to request placement in on-campus housing?

Complete a Dakota State University housing application and mail it along with a $50 room deposit check to: Department of Residence Life, Dakota State University, 820 N. Washington Ave., Madison SD, 57042.

Can I request a specific roommate?

Students are automatically paired when both list each other as their choice of roommate on the housing contact as long as:

  • Both students are going to be entering the first year of their university experience
  • Both students are going to be entering their second year or beyond of their university experience
  • Both students are registered into the General Beadle Honor Society program

When will I be notified of my building and roommate assignment?

Please watch your DSU  e-mail account inbox for this information notice in late June through the first week of July. Included in that notice will be the name of your assigned hall, the room number and the name and contact information for your roommate.  

Can I have a refrigerator and microwave in my room?

Yes. You can bring your own refrigerator and microwave. Refrigerators should not be larger than 4.6 cubic feet and microwaves should not exceed 750 watts.

Can I rent a refrigerator or microwave through the university?

Unfortunately, no. But you can bring your own as long as they meet our standards.

Will my room be wired for computer network access?

All residence hall rooms have four local area network hardwired ports and wireless connection in all areas of the hall.

Where do I do my laundry?

Each residence hall has multiple washers and dryers that cost $1.25 to wash per load, and $1.00 to dry for a 60 minute cycle per load.

Where do I get my mail?

You will be assigned a mailbox upon your arrival on campus. The mailboxes are located in the Trojan Center Student Union. Oversized packages can be picked up at the Student Services Center.

Can I live in apartment style–living during my first year?

We reserve the apartments for students that are in at least their second year of their university experience.

Where can I park and do I pay for a parking space?

Parking lots and street perimeter parking are available to hall residents with a blue parking tag. Students may purchase a blue parking tag at https://portal.sdbor.edu/dsu-student/campus-community/parking/Pages/default.aspx beginning June 1.

Does the university insure my personal belongings?

The University is not responsible for the theft, destruction, or loss of your money or personal belongings. Please check to see if your parent's insurance will cover your property or inquire about a rider to your parent's existing policies.

Are students living in residence halls required to have a meal plan?

Yes, please go to: http://dsu.edu/assets/uploads/resources/2017-2018_Tuition-Fees.pdf to see what plans are available.

Do I have to loft my bed?

No, your bed unit may certainly remain at floor level.

What do I need to do if I want to loft my bed?

Loft kits, which allow students to determine the height of their bed, are furnished by the University. These units will already be placed in your room upon your arrival. DSU does not allow students to bring in their own lofts, either homemade or commercial.

May I bring my own bed?

No, we do provide a bed unit for every resident and expect them to use the beds we provide.

What size are the bed mattresses?

36" x 80" (Richardson/Emry/Zimmermann/8-plex/The Courtyard units) and 39" x 80" (Higbie). Extra-long twin sheets fit on all of our beds.

Can furniture be removed and replaced with my own?

All provided room furnishings must remain in the room. This includes bed mattress, lofting kit, chest of drawers, desk, and desk chair.

How can I decorate my room?

Students typically personalize their room with personal photos, posters and other memorabilia. You are free to rearrange your room as long as the university-provided items remain in the room.

Restrictions. You are not allowed to paint the room. We recommend using a removable form of fun-tak, poster putty or poster tape to hang decorations in your room. We don't allow the use of duct tape, scotch tape, nails, screws, tacks, hooks or pins on the walls or other surfaces. Carpet tape is also not allowed for securing carpet to the floor. If you use any of these items, you may be fined the costs for repairing the room.

Is cable television available in the residence hall rooms?

Yes, cable TV is provided in every room as a result of paying the housing fee each semester.

Is cooking allowed in the rooms?

Only items that are cooked in a microwave may be prepared in a residence hall room. All other cooking should be done in the kitchen area of each hall.

Are window coverings provided in each room?

Blinds are provided in each residence hall room.

Will my room be carpeted?

Please read your hall assignment notification email carefully. All rooms in The Courtyard and a few room in Higbie Hall are carpeted. If you are not assigned to a room with carpeting, you may bring low pile carpet without foam or rubber backing.

What furnishings are included in the room?

Each room will have a complete bed unit, lofting kit, chest of drawers, desk and desk chair.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets, with the exception of service or emotional support animals, are not allowed in our residence halls. Please contact the Student Success Center at 605-256-5121 to inquire about the approval process to have a service or emotional support animal on campus.

Do the residence halls close over breaks?

The residence halls close two times during the academic year, over the semester break, and over spring break. All residents are expected to vacate their residence hall during these breaks, unless they meet the requirements for optional break housing.

Can I move in early?

We do offer limited early arrival move in opportunities beginning the week of move in for a daily fee. Please contact the Department of Residence Life at 605-256-5146 at least 24 hours prior to the desired date of arrival to schedule your check-in time.