Student Recognized Organizations

What is an SRO?

A Student Recognized Organization is any club or organization associated with DSU that has been approved by the Senate and is eligible to receive funding from GAF through the club funding committee.

What are the benefits to being an SRO?

Being an SRO allows you to receive funding from GAF and assistance from student senate.

Can I still be a club and not an SRO?

Yes, but you will be unable to receive GAF funding and assistance from student senate.

Why is Senate doing this?

In previous years, Student Senate had no formal process for approving clubs and providing transparency of what the clubs were accomplishing on campus. With this Student Senate will get to know clubs better, their impact on DSU students, and provide clear guidelines on what is required to receive Club Funding money.

How does this change the money I get from Club Funding?

It does not; becoming an SRO allows you the ability to ask for money from Club Funding.

What are the Requirements of being an SRO?

  • Be open to all students.
  • Have an executive board comprised of students and elected by the active members.
  • Have at least ten (10) active student members.
  • Active members shall be defined in each SRO’s constitution.
  • Present to the Senate once a year at a regular Senate session before February of that school year.
  • Have an up to date constitution that is on file with the Senate.
  • Submit a yearly financial report to the SRO Audit Committee.
  • Follow Dakota State University Policy.
  • Report a list of active members to the SRO Audit Committee by February.
  • Work with the SRO Audit Committee and Public Relations Chair to keep information about the SRO updated on the DSU and Senate website.

How do you become an SRO?

Complete an SRO application.

What about Institutional Organizations?

All Institutional Organizations are exempt from the SRO process.

The current list of Institutional Organizations:

  • Art Gallery
  • Cheerleaders
  • Choral
  • Drama
  • DSU Live
  • Instrumental
  • Intramurals
  • KDSU
  • SAB
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Student Senate
  • Trojan Times
  • Tutors