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Our Assessment Office is here to see that you start your academic career off right.

Located on the third floor of Heston Hall, we provide students and the community with comprehensive testing and assessment services in a quiet and secure environment.

Placement Testing

Placed to succeed

Using placement scores (ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER or COMPASS) and transfer coursework, DSU places students in the entry-level courses that meet their knowledge and skills.

Additionally, DSU offers ACCUPLACER placement testing. It is available to students for the following reasons:

No current placement scores

Students without placement scores (ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER or COMPASS) from within the last 5 years are required to complete placement testing before being allowed to register.  

Direct placement into MATH 123 - Calculus

Students desiring to place directly into MATH 123 must complete the ACCUPLACER placement exam. For students with an ACT math score less than 25, an SAT math score less than 570, or a Math Index lower than 1300 this is considered a challenge exam.

Challenging Initial Placement

Students may challenge their initial course placement through a challenge placement test.  A challenge may be attempted only once per subject. The challenge exam fee is $18.00

Final placement is determined by the highest result.

Course Placement Information (PDF)


Let your experiences work for you

Through CLEP exams, students have the opportunity to earn credit in over 40 courses, including required general education courses like ENGL 101, ENGL 201, and MATH 102.

DSU Clep Guidelines (PDF)

View accepted SDBOR exams and course equivalencies (PDF)

For courses which have no equivalent CLEP examination, students may petition to challenge college coursework via a departmental credit-by-examination.

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To schedule a test, contact the assessment Office by phone at 605-256-5101, email at assessoffice@dsu.edu of use the link below to our online schedule.

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