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Accessibility at DSU

This site is a resource to help make Dakota State University’s web projects successful, usable, and accessible. We strongly recommend planning for ease of use and accessibility in all projects, so that they will deliver value to all audiences.

Accessibility at DSU

Websites and web applications are integral to the university’s academic and administrative work. Dakota State University is committed to making information, programs and activities on its websites and web applications accessible to people with disabilities through its Web Governance/Accessibility Guidelines.

The Web Accessibility guidelines applies to websites and applications that conduct university business. Owners of such sites should be familiar with this guide. It may also affect people in roles that work on university websites.

To meet the requirements of the guidelines, university websites should comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”) 2 requirements and techniques. 

Email other questions to accessibility@dsu.edu

To report a disability-related accessibility issue on a DSU website or web application, please use the Accessibility Comments Form.