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Your Guide to University Policies and Procedures

Explore DSU’s Policies by Topics and Important Links

  • This is the official page for DSU’s institutional policies and procedures.
  • Contact the Policy Officer or (605) 256-5663 for questions about the process to develop new policy, revise existing policy, and/or repeal policy.
  • New policies and revised policies will be re-numbered to reflect the 14 new policy categories.
  • For questions regarding a specific institutional policy, please contact the Responsible Office listed for that policy.

Policy Number Responsible Office Last Revision
Finals Week 1.2 Academic Affairs 08/13/2020
Distance Education: Student Out-of-State Location 1.1 Distance Education 06/29/2020
Telecommuting 8.1 Human Resources 05/22/2020
Policy Development and Management 8.2 Human Resources 04/27/2020

Existing policies