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Our website can tell you only so much about our beautiful campus and innovative programs. The best way to find out if DSU is right for you is to see for yourself!

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A degree can open doors and help you make your dreams a reality. Lucky for you, we’ve made the application process easy. Just check out our admissions requirements, fill out the right application below, and you’re on your way.

These applications are for incoming freshmen, online students, transfer students, and international students.

Summer 2021 - Undergraduate Application

Fall 2021 - Undergraduate Application

How does this whole admissions process work?

We've crafted a handy checklist (PDF) for you to follow. It includes all the major steps of applying, from visiting campus to applying for scholarships.

Is there an application fee?

There is a $20 application fee.

Is there an application deadline?

Unlike many other universities, there is no deadline to apply to DSU. That being said, we don't really recommend waiting until the day before classes begin to apply, since we'll need time to process the documents you send in.

Are there any special conditions for international students?

Yes. If you don't live in the USA, please read our admissions requirements for international students.

Where do I apply for a graduate degree?

Apply to one of our fine graduate programs in the graduate section.

*Please note, you can apply for all MS graduate programs for the summer and fall. But we accept applications for Ph.D. programs for fall entry only.

I have more questions that aren't answered here

If you still don't see your question answered there, we have a dedicated admissions team in place that will make sure you have all of the information you need to make a smart decision about your future.

Admissions Office

This application is for individuals looking to apply for our master's or doctoral programs.

Summer 2021 - Graduate Application

Fall 2021 - Graduate Application

*Please note, you can apply for most MS graduate programs for the spring, summer and fall semesters with the exception of our MS in Information Systems which is only spring and fall. We accept applications for Ph.D. programs for fall entry only.

Is there an application fee?

There is a $35 application fee. 

Is there application deadlines?

Yes. Each program has a deadline date. Please check the specific program page under "Timelines and Requirements" for the specific date.

Are there any special conditions for international students?

Yes. If you do not live in the USA please read the admission requirements for International Graduate Students.

Are there specific requirements that need to be met to apply to Graduate school?

Yes. Please read our Graduate Admissions requirements.

Can I apply for a PhD program in the spring?

For our PhD programs we only admit for Fall each year. Unfortunately you cannot apply for Spring admission for those programs.

This application is for folks who just want to take classes, and don’t necessarily want to graduate with a degree or certificate.

Undergraduate non-degree seeking studies

Summer 2021 - Undergraduate Application

Graduate non-degree seeking studies

Summer 2021 - Graduate Application

Check your application status

Students that have already started or completed an undergraduate application can log back into our application portal.