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Majors & Degrees

Mark Spanier

Mark Spanier

Mark Spanier

Interim Dean, College of Arts & Sciences


College of Arts and Sciences


Ph.D., Mathematics - North Dakota State University, 2015
B.S., Mathematics - North Dakota State University, 2010


Dr. Spanier's area of mathematical research investigates problems in approximation and optimization theory with applications to analytic number theory and signal processing.


Office Location: Beadle Hall
Phone: (605) 256-5270

  • Discrete Math, Cryptography, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Foundations of Computation


  • Blend inquiry-based approaches with technology.
  • Broadly speaking, I am fascinated by all things related to minimization, optimization, and approximation. My area of research investigates these problems with applications to cryptography, artificial intelligence/machine learning, number theory, and signal processing.


  • Co-Director of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab.


  • Faculty Co-Advisor of AI Sweden + DSU Industrial Emersion Exchange Program

  • PI -- Educational Pathway Institution (EPI) $125,000