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Miller completes WCET/SAN credential exam

September 9, 2019

Sarah Rasmussen and Anette Miller
Sarah Rasmussen and Anette Miller
Annette Miller did not want to take the easy road with her job at Dakota State as state authorization coordinator.  Instead, she wanted to rise up and challenge herself, so signed up to take the credential examination from the professional organization State Authorization Network (SAN).  She received word in August that she passed the exam for State Authorization Basics Compliance Management.

Sarah Rasmussen, director of Online Education, said “This credential is valuable,” and praised Miller for her work to make sure DSU is compliant with verbiage, and reporting and documenting arrangements for out-of-state and out-of-country students participating in internships, student teaching, and with workman’s comp. 

SAN’s mission is to navigate regulatory requirements for out-of-state post-secondary activities by hosting training and conferences. These events help professionals manage compliance with state and federal regulations, reciprocal agreements, and requirements that exceed reciprocal agreements. 

“By going to WCET/SAN conferences, you can meet others who have first-hand experience in the field, those who can empathize with your work,” Miller said. 

SAN is a subgroup of an organization called WCET, which was founded in 1989 by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) to meet a growing need to integrate distance learning and educational technology into the academic services of higher education institutions in the western region. WICHE is the leader in the policy, practice, and advocacy of technology-enhanced higher education. A member-driven non-profit, WICHE brings together colleges, universities, higher education organizations, and companies to collectively improve the quality and reach of technology-enhanced learning programs. 

Miller was an elementary school teacher for 23 years at St. Thomas School in Madison, and principal there for two years before joining the Office of Online Education ten years ago. Coming to DSU from K-12 was “totally different, especially working year-round, but I’m glad to still be around students and continue to be part of education.”