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DSU Theatre Club to present 30 plays in 60 minutes

October 10, 2019

DSU Theatre Club is performing “Too Much Light Makes the Baby go Blind [30 plays in 60 minutes]” for three nights in the Trojan Underground – Thursday, Oct. 10, Thursday, Oct. 17, and Thursday, Oct. 24.

Ann Elder, director of theater, read “Too Much Light Makes the Baby go Blind” by Greg Allen over the summer and suggested it to the president and vice president of theatre club Bree Weidenbach and Sarah Freyberg. Both Weidenbach, elementary education major from Canistota, S.D. and Freyberg, elementary/special major from Brookings, S.D. are cast members.

“We liked the format,” Elder said. “It packs a punch – each play says something different. Some are funny, some are serious.”

They chose 30 short plays from a collection of 90. The plays range in length from four seconds to five minutes. The plays will be numbered and the audience will be able to call out a number for the cast to perform, creating a format that may lead to different performances at each of the three showings.

“I like how fast-paced everything is,” Weidenbach said. “With only 60 minutes everyone has to be quick on their feet and you don’t know which play is coming next so you always have to be at the ready.”

Both Weidenbach and Freyberg enjoy the variety of plays in this production.

“I really enjoy how different this play is, not only from other plays, but also each skit within the play,” Freyberg said. “You get to play the humorous roles, but you also get to play the serious issue roles, and one of my favorites to play is the dark and creepy role.”

“There’s something for everyone,” Weidenbach added.

There are 11 cast members and 5 students working behind the scenes.  Performances of “Too Much Light Makes the Baby go Blind” will take place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 10, Thursday, Oct. 17, and Thursday, Oct. 24 in the Underground. The play features mature subject matter for those attending. Admission is free for DSU students or $5 for the public.