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Omar El-Gayar

May 14, 2020

Dr. Omar El-Gayar started as a faculty member 20 years ago, DSU was strictly an undergraduate institution with regional focus.

Dr. Omar El-Gayor
Omar El-Gayar, Professor of Information Systems.

Today, the university has “managed to strategically expand its graduate program offering and research footprint and to develop programs of national and international visibility,” he said. Students are also achieving national recognition in the undergraduate arena, most notably in the cybersecurity area.

El-Gayar has noted how incredibly responsive faculty have been to student needs through innovative curricula, flexible delivery with expanded online course and program offerings, and a proactive pursuit of support for an expanded scholarship program.

“I strongly feel that DSU's agility is a unique characteristic that distinguishes us from most institutions (small or large alike) and will allow DSU to continue to make significant strides forward,” he said.

A professor of Information Systems, El-Gayar is privileged to have been part a number of significant achievements and milestones, particularly the exceptional growth in graduate student enrollment, the introduction of the first doctoral program, and the expanded portfolio of DSU's graduate programs.

His efforts have also brought some exposure to DSU, through professional development opportunities with the Harvard Graduate School of Education and experience at other institutions. The training and experiences provided exposure to almost all aspects of higher education administration, which emphasized operational, strategic, and leadership topics that have been particularly useful. It was also beneficial to experience first-hand different institutional cultures, observe teaching methods and practices, and expand research collaborations, he stated.

DSU's global reputation is intrinsically related to the accomplishments of its students, alumni, and faculty, he said. “I strive to leave a positive impression with my students as I work with them throughout their education at DSU. My research publications and that of my fellow faculty contribute to DSU's profile and global reputation and are a testament for the quality research happening here.”

El-Gayar also said the university has “made remarkable strides to further nurture a research culture while still maintaining a razor focus on providing high quality education and learning experiences for its students.”

The recent additions of the Beacom Institute of Technology and the Madison Cyber Labs, and infrastructure improvements solidify DSU's reputation and capacity to deliver cutting-edge graduate and undergraduate programs, and provide an exceptional student-centered learning experience, making DSU a hub for innovation and knowledge creation, he said.


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