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DSU placement rates at 98% and 100%

June 15, 2020

Dakota State University’s 2019 placement rates are 98% for undergraduate and 100% for graduate outcomes.

Placement rates are the number of graduates who report having found employment (full or part-time), volunteer work, military service, or are continuing education after graduation.

In addition to high placement rates, DSU has high knowledge rates as well. Knowledge rates are the percentage of graduates that DSU has verifiable information regarding their post-graduate careers.

“For undergraduate students, we heard back from 95% of them, and the placement rate is 98%,” said Deb Roach, director of Career Services. “For graduate students, we heard back from 92% of them, and 100% are placed – either working or continuing their education.”

The high knowledge rates of 92% and 95% offer validity to the placement numbers. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recommend a baseline of 65% for knowledge rates, we are pleased that we are significantly higher, Roach explained.

The undergraduate placement numbers are then broken down for each college. Both The Beacom College of Computer & Cyber Sciences and the College of Arts & Sciences have a 96% placement rate; the College of Business and Information Systems and the College of Education both have a 100% placement rate. The College of Business and Information Systems has a 100% knowledge rate showing 100% placement.

The 100% placement rate for graduate outcomes is the same with all four colleges at DSU.

These outcome reports help show the success of DSU and its programs. “One key benefit is for those who are exploring university options, they can get a glimpse of what graduates are doing when they graduate, where others in their major are landing, what companies graduates work for, and in what types of positions,” Roach explained.

Roach hopes that when looking at outcomes reports, students understand that success is more than just attending and passing a course.

“It is important for the student to know that preparing for your career starts day one,” she said. “We encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities available to gain very important career readiness skills. Attend our workshops, join a club, complete an internship, learn to network and build their résumé.”

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