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December 15, 2021

Aleona Lund
Aleona Lund is an Inspired Influencer.

The relationships built with faculty and friends are among Aleona Lund’s favorite things about Dakota State University.

A senior Digital Arts and Design: Computer Graphics major from Grove City, MN, Lund finds inspiration to be her best self through those she’s met on campus.

“DSU has given me the chance to build quality relationships with the professors and students,” she said.

While she’s enjoyed learning from all her professors, her most influential professor is Art Professor Tom Jones. Lund appreciates his ability to teach students to focus on what is important, have fun, and share their true and genuine smiles.

“I think through DSU, the most important thing I’ve learned is to not only want to inspire people but to surround myself with those who inspire me as well and push me to be a better person,” Lund said.

Outside of the classroom, Lund makes it a point to do just that and surround herself with people who make her happy, help her, and inspire her. She’s involved in a variety of clubs and activities including the PBL Club, CRU, the CEO Club, intramural volleyball, and intramural tennis.

While she’s learned a lot through all her participation on campus, the CEO Club has taught her how to be a leader and what kind of leader she would like to be. It’s also helped her with her work as a social media influencer.

Lund began working with brands through affiliate links and now does sponsored posts on Instagram with businesses that offer gifted collaborations. This means Lund receives items she will wear or use and share through Instagram posts and stories.

“DSU CEO Club has taught me to go out of my comfort zone and market myself, as well as learn to network with others,” she said.

Lund also had to learn how to charge for her work. “It’s kind of scary when you put a price for your services, like ‘how much do I feel I’m worth’ to give these people,” she said, and then to stick to her price.

She now works with several brands, creating content and scheduling posts, something that has helped her build stronger time management skills. The flexible schedule of influencing works well for Lund as a student.

Other lessons she’s learned, with the help of the club, include putting herself in the customer’s place and not comparing herself to other influencers and their businesses. “Don’t worry if someone else’s grass is greener, just focus on growing yours.”

In the future, Lund would like to start her own graphics business. She also would like to “continue to lead no matter where I go and to inspire those around me and have them inspire others.”

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