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Photography by Jones featured in exhibition

February 10, 2022

Art Professor Tom Jones earned second place in the Brookings Arts Council’s annual photography exhibition in the black and white category.

The photograph, entitled “Sooooo?” was taken in London, Jones said. He happened upon the businessmen sitting on a bench looking off into Hyde Park, except for the man on the right, who is looking at the other men.

“He is looking at them and you can imagine him saying ‘Sooooo?’, like what are we doing?” described Jones. “The other three are saying ‘Take the load off, kid.’”

Through photography “I predict and see moments of time to capture,” he said.

In addition to “Sooooo?” Jones has two other photos on display at the exhibit, “Waterloo” and “Basilica de Santa Maria.”

Jones uses line, shape, and color to excite the viewer in “Waterloo.” In “Basilica de Santa Maria” he presents a calming, relaxed environment through the use of subtle color. The image also uses contrasting colors to present the focal point to the viewer, he shared.

With a lifelong love of photography, “capturing moments of time is what life is about for me,” Jones said.

These images will be on display as part of the Brookings Arts Council exhibition through Friday, February 18.

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