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Palmieri wants to be on cybersecurity ‘front lines’

December 7, 2022

Janessa Palmieri doesn’t even hesitate to describe her dream job.

“I want to protect the United States, to protect the mission of the government through cybersecurity,” said the Nashua, NH native.  “Cybersecurity is the next battlefield and I want to be on those front lines.”

Palmieri is graduating this fall from DSU with a B.S. in Cyber Operations, and has been named the Student Speaker for the Fall commencement. She will continue on to earn a master’s degree in Cyber Defense, then plans to work for a government agency.

“The pay is not the same in government as in industry, but you have to realize the value of the mission and the work you’re doing. It is contributing to protecting the U.S. and that’s worth it in the end.”

Her DSU education has been worth it as well. “I love school here,” said Palmieri. “DSU has provided me with so many opportunities, and I’m grateful for that.” She has learned technical knowledge, and soft skills through experiences with extra-curricular groups such as Computer Club and CybHER. She has had financial support through the scholarship for service CyberCorps program, and internships with companies such as Peraton. These have allowed her to develop teamwork skills, communication, and leadership.

She will offer her fellow graduates three points of advice. “Number one is never stop learning, no matter what you do.” This is especially easy in cybersecurity because technology continues to evolve and it’s so demanding.

The industry needs people in many roles, she said. “You can do offensive security, defensive security, forensics, leadership management, or policy, where you can utilize your technology skills along with other skills.”

“I think DSU prepares you for that,” and other people seem to think that as well. “Big companies know the DSU name, and government too, so DSU’s name is out there and is recognized nationally for programs.”

She’ll also recommend they never stop learning in their field, and try to excel to the best of their ability. And finally, “Love your work so it’s not working, and be passionate about it.”

Dakota State’s fall commencement takes place December 10 at 10:30 a.m. at the DSU Fieldhouse.

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