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Romero art exhibit featured in Marshall

February 15, 2023

Wendy Romero’s exhibit Experimental Strata is currently featured in Marshall, Minn., at the Marshall Area Fine Arts Council.

While Romero grew up exposed to art through visiting museums and making arts and crafts with her grandparents, it wasn’t until her second year of college that her adventure as an artist truly began.

“I needed a general education elective and thought I would enroll in a painting class,” she said. “I took more courses from there until I decided I needed to change my major and university to pursue this new professional direction.”

Romero earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design and a Master of Fine Arts from Georgia Southern University.

In addition to being a practicing artist, Romero is also an Associate Professor of Art and Design and the Program Coordinator for Digital Arts and Design (DAD). She’s been teaching since 2004 and at DSU since 2018.

Outside of teaching, her “creative work takes many forms, mixed media painting, photography, graphic design, and illustration.”

Over the years, her work has explored the relationship between pattern and shape, different ways to discover space, and the associated meanings of found materials, with an influence of geology, she said.

This is shown through her current show, Experimental Strata. “The meaning of strata is a layer or a series of layers of rock in the ground, which can often be seen through the different layers of color and composite of the earth,” she explained. “I have been on this artistic journey, exploring geology and the hint of a landscape.”

She also uses different surface sheens – glossy versus matte and metallic and non-metallic paints – which she hopes creates a new conversation with the viewer.

A reception for Experimental Strata will be held Thursday, Feb. 16, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Marshall Fine Arts Council, 109 N 3rd St, Marshall, Minn. The exhibit will run through March 10.

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