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DSU art students to exhibit projects

April 10, 2024

Drawings, digital illustrations and photography, paintings, animations, digital sound projects, and 3D works will fill the BrickHouse this week.

These works, created by DSU Digital Art & Design (DAD) students, will be displayed by the Madison Area Arts Council (MAAC) at the BrickHouse on Thursday, April 11 from 7 to 9 p.m.

“DAD at MAAC 2 is a celebration of student work produced in any of the DAD program classes,” said Wendy Romero, Digital Arts & Design Program Coordinator and Associate Professor.

These classes are taken by students in DAD majors, as well as for general education, game design programs, and general electives, Romero explained.

“This exhibit will celebrate all levels of students in our program, from those in their first year to graduating seniors,” she said. “By including work from students at all levels of the program, attendees can witness the progression of skills and creativity through the educational journey.”

Aside from the opportunity to watch student artists grow and develop their talents, attending the exhibition provides support to emerging artists and designers who are just beginning their journeys.

“Encouragement and recognition from the community can be incredibly motivating for students at all levels,” Romero said.

She’s very appreciative of the community support through this collaboration with MAAC. “It demonstrates a partnership between the educational institutions and the local arts community, fostering a sense of community support and engagement.”

The exhibition is a great platform to celebrate efforts of students and faculty members of the Digital Art & Design program, Romero added.

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