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2015 Honors Banquet

April 16, 2015

Dakota State University held its annual Honors Banquet Tuesday, April 14 at Dakota Prairie Playhouse in Madison, S.D. See below for the honors recognized during the event.

LOWRY SCHOLAR: The designation “Lowry Scholar” honors students who exhibit outstanding scholarly involvement and leadership within their chosen programs of study

Back (L to R): Ethan Weeder; Alec Johnson
Front (L to R): Ryan Gimbel; Jessica Zylla; Dillon Dwyer



CUM LAUDE: (3.50 to less than 3.70 GPA)
Back (L to R): Andrew Martin; Alexis Miller; Katy Pillar; Kimberley Wensel; Amanda Parker
Front (L to R): Brandi Feldmann; Chandra Welbon; Ryan Gimbel; Dillon Dwyer; Sean Daily

MAGNA CUM LAUDE: (3.70 to less than 3.90 GPA)
Back (L to R): Daniel Flahie; Zachary Ely; Alec Johnson
Front (L to R): Sara Irvine; Samuel Coome; Alexander Gartner; Sarah Sproul


SUMMA CUM LAUDE: (3.90 and above GPA)
Back (L to R): Christopher Pueppke; Ethan Weeder
Front (L to R): Tatem Kingsbury; Amanda Rajdl; Stacey Westby


WITH HIGH HONOR: (3.7 to less than 3.9 GPA)
Rita Stockman

STUDENT EMPLOYEES OF THE YEAR: These awards are held in conjunction with the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators. Nominations are solicited by the Career Services Office from both on-campus and off-campus employers of DSU students, and a five-member committee selects one student in each category.


(L to R): On-Campus: Andrew Martin, DSU Office of Career Services; Off-Campus: Brooke Relf, Direct Support Professional at ECCO, Inc.; Off-Campus: Kayla Hoekman, CNA at Bethel Lutheran Nursing Home

WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. Students chosen for membership in Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges are recognized for exceptional academic accomplishment, leadership and extra-curricular activities, citizenship, service to the University, and potential for future achievement.


Back (L to R): Kellyn Klinkenborg; Mohammad Rafsun Islam; Rigoberto Aguirre; Andrew Kramer
Front (L to R): Taylor Lynde; Kayla Stoltenburg; Jayda Swenson; Alexander Gartner

QUEST LEADERSHIP SERIES is a program for DSU students who are interested in learning more about themselves and their talents.


Back (L to R): Preston Evans; John Benson; Hunter Brindley; Brock Gilmer; Sid Moorhead
Front (L to R): Vaille Swenson; Lindsey Pate; Lauren Sanberg; Kortni Moser

STUDENT SENATOR OF THE YEAR is selected annually by the membership of the Senate.

Andrew Kramer

CHAMPIONS OF CHARACTER award is presented to student-athletes who represent the NAIA five core character values of respect, servant leadership, integrity, sportsmanship, and responsibility.


Back (L to R): Bryant Westra (Baseball); Jay Huls (Men’s Basketball); Taylor Hauge (Men’s Track/Cross Country)

Front (L to R): Jayda Swenson (Women’s Basketball); Anastasia Gentles (Women’s Track/Cross Country); Stacey Westby (Volleyball)



Back (L to R): Kelsie Casanova (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Mackenzie Schultz (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Allison Thielsen (Daktronics NAIA Scholar-Athlete, NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Kaylee Vander Wal (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Tessa Weeldreyer (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Stacey Westby (Daktronics NAIA Scholar-Athlete, All-Conference 2nd Team, NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Amy Veenhof (Head Coach)
Front (L to R):  Chelsey Davis (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Hope Juntunen (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Katherine Gonzalez (All-Conference 1st Team, Defensive Player-of-the-Year); Carly Rozell (NSAA Scholar-Athlete, All-Conference 2nd Team, Freshman-of-the-Year); Kylie Martin (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Taylor Stratton (NSAA Scholar-Athlete)



Back (L to R): Josh Anderson (Head Coach); Jeremy Christner (All-Conference 2nd Team); Cole Potter (All-Conference 1st Team)
Front (L to R): Zach Ely (Daktronics NAIA Scholar-Athlete, All-Conference 2nd Team, NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Zac Woods (NAIA All-American 1st Team, All-Conference 1st Team); Brendon Waldner (All-Conference 2nd Team)

MEN’S CROSS COUNTRY (2014 NSAA Men’s Cross Country Conference Champions)


Back (L to R): Mark Moeller; Michael Carson; Jared Sutton; Jared Truman; Cody Foreman (Asst. Coach); Anthony Drealan (Head Coach)
Front (L to R): Caleb Hemphill; Alan Janisch; Steve Selchert; Taylor Hauge



(L to R): Anastasia Gentles (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Victoria Sopko (NAIA Scholar-Athlete, NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Kayla Sveen (NAIA Scholar-Athlete)

MEN’S BASKETBALL (2015 NSAA Men’s Basketball Postseason Tournament Champions/2015 NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball National Tournament Qualifier)


Back (L to R): Jay Huls; Nick Boone; Taylor Zirbel; Kyle Kilgore; Miguel Sansavour; Derek Meger (All-Conference 2nd Team); Gary Garner (Head Coach); Mike Larsen (Asst. Coach)
Front (L to R): Jessica Kemp (Student Manager); Skyler Bertram; Bryant Allen (NAIA All-American Honorable Mention, All-Conference 1st Team, Newcomer-of-the-Year); Ian Barse; Brendon Boomsma; Nathaniel Rauen



Back (L to R): Sharee Galbraith (All-Conference 2nd Team); Brooke Relf (NSAA Scholar-Athlete)
Front (L to R): Jayda Swenson (NAIA Scholar-Athlete, NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Erin Rabenberg (NAIA Scholar-Athlete, All-Conference 2nd Team, NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Summer Bailey (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Katy Pillar (NSAA Scholar-Athlete)

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT honors are earned by campus organizations that sponsor and participate in numerous events or projects during the year and report them to the Student Activities Center staff.


Back (L to R): Colleges Against Cancer, President: Kelsey Larson; KDSU, President: Nicholas Goebel; PBL Business Club, President: Andrew Behrens; Student Activities Board, Annalesha Kalis
Front (L to R): PBL Business Club, Vice President: Amanda Rajdl; Richardson Hall Council, BreAnn Lush; Student Ambassadors, President: Taylor Lynde

CAMPUS STUDENT LEADERS are students who have been very active on campus and who exemplify the highest degree of skills in management, communications, personal relationships, vital involvement and university accomplishments and who also have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8.


(L to R): Casey Bethke; Brandi Feldmann; Annalesha Kalis; Allison Thielsen

REGENTAL AWARDS: Each year the South Dakota Board of Regents recognizes student organizations on each of the six regental campuses for meritorious achievements in Academic Excellence, Community Service, and Organizational Leadership.


(L to R): Academic Excellence: Phi Beta Lambda Business Club, Andrew Behrens (President); Organizational Leadership, BreAnn Lush (President); Community Service: Gaming Club, Dale Frewaldt (President)

COLLEGE STUDENT LEADER award is intended to honor students in good academic standing who also demonstrate outstanding leadership.


Back (L to R): Devon Bruna, nominated by College of Education; Zach Ely, nominated by College of Education
Front (L to R): Andrew Gross, nominated by College of Arts and Sciences; Eric Holm, nominated by College of Business and Information Systems; Amanda Rajdl, nominated by College of Business and Information Systems



(L to R): Daniel Flahie (Daktronics NAIA Scholar-Athlete, Capital One Academic All-District, All Conference Honorable Mention, NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Zac Smith (All-Conference 1st Team); Riley Bullington (NSAA Scholar-Athlete)



Back (L to R): Ken Prorok (Head Coach); Brittany Hill (All-Conference 1st Team, NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Elizabeth Rubalcava (All-Conference 1st Team); Alexis Miller (Daktronics NAIA Scholar-Athlete, All-Conference 1st Team, NSAA Scholar-Athlete)
Front (L to R): Lynn Angle (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Ellie Kristensen (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Erica Belter (All-Conference 1st Team)



Back (L to R): Anthony Drealan (Head Coach); Caleb Hemphill (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Mark Moeller (2015 NAIA Men’s Indoor Track & Field All American, 2015 NAIA Men’s Indoor Track & Field Nationals Qualifier); Zachary Ely (2015 NAIA Men’s Indoor Track & Field Nationals Qualifier, NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Michael Carson (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Ryan Gimbel (NSAA Scholar-Athlete)
Front (L to R): Heather Dearing (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Kylie Martin (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Victoria Sopko (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Kayla Sveen (NSAA Scholar-Athlete); Anastasia Gentles (NSAA Scholar-Athlete)

DUSTY ANDERSEN MEMORIAL AWARD is presented each year to an outstanding male basketball or baseball player who exhibits active participation in campus activities.


Derek Meger (Men’s Basketball)



(L to R): Female MVP, Brittany Hill (Softball); Male MVP, Mark Moeller (Men’s Cross Country/Track & Field)