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Majors & Degrees

2018 DSU Employee Longevity Reception

May 7, 2018

Six and a half centuries – that’s how many years of experience DSU recognized at the recent Longevity Reception, an average of 19.1 years per person. Congratulations to the 33 honorees who have dedicated their years of work to make DSU the rising University it is today and will be tomorrow! 

2018 10 year employees

10 years – (from left) Anne Hauglid, Facilities Management; Jill Ruhd, University Advancement; Mary Francis, Karl Mundt Library; Linda Williams, Facilities Management; Jill Corbin, Financial Aid; Tory Bickett, Admissions; Nicole Bowen, Student Success Center; Rob Honomichl, Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences; Kelly MacLeod, College of Arts & Sciences. Not pictured: Lori Engebretson, College of Education.

2018 15 year employees

15 years – (from left) Billie Hoekman, Registrar’s Office; Mandy Parpart, Student Services; Mike Roach, College of BIS; Patti Weber, Bookstore; Brent Van Aartsen, ITS. Not pictured: Vickie Bird, Facilities Management; Kurt Kemper, College of Arts & Sciences.

2018 25 year employees

25 years – (from left) Amy Crissinger, Admissions; Amy Dockendorf, Business Office; Gabe Mydland, College of Education; Shelly Nelson, Production Center; Dale Droge, College of Arts & Sciences; Brian Benson, Facilities Management; Dian Doblar; Facilities Management. Not pictured: Kristel Bakker, College of Arts & Sciences; Kathy Callies, Registrar’s Office.

2018 30 year employees

30 years – (from left) Roxie Draper, Facilities Management; Dorine Bennett, College of BIS; Kathy Engbrecht, Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences.

2018 retiring employee

Retiring Employee – David Maher, Facilities Management, with Corey Braskamp Facilities Management director.