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2018 Honors Banquet

April 20, 2018

Dakota State University held its annual Honors Banquet Monday, April 16, at Dakota Prairie Playhouse in Madison, S.D. See below for the honors recognized during the event.

Lowry Scholar

Several students have been named 2018 Dakota State University Lowry Scholars. This award is based on the student’s scholarly involvement and leadership in their program of study. The award is named for V.A. Lowry, who was president of DSU from 1933-1962. He devoted much of his life to creating an environment of academic excellence at this university.

Lowry ScholarV.A. Lowry Scholars named for 2018 are: Trent Steen (back left), Vaille Swenson; Allison Stadel (front left), Cassandra Morgan, and Andrew Fiegen.

Beadle Scholar

The General Beadle Honors program originated in 2013 to challenge outstanding students and stress broad intellectual development. The program is open to students from all colleges and majors. To graduate as a General Beadle Honors Scholar, students must complete 26 or more credit hours of hours coursework, complete an honors capstone project, plan and implement a service/leadership project, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher.

Beadle Scholar

Pictured: Kennedi Ford was honored as a General Beadle Honor graduate.

Center of Excellence

Graduates of the Center of Excellence must maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA, have a minimum ACT of 24, and complete the Center of Excellence minor, including a major field capstone experience.

Center of ExcellenceCenter of Excellence graduates include: Dakota Ruelle (back left), Joseph Weier, Corey Hermann, Preston Allen, Brianna Allen, Daniel Cross, Kayla Janssen, Keri Johnson, Megan Rau; Morgan Larson (front left), Jessica Dawson, Breana Adsit, Jovana Bogdanovic, Rachel Slaven.

Delta Mu Delta

Delta Mu Delta is a national honor society for students majoring in business administration. It was established to recognize and reward superior scholastic achievement of business majors. To be eligible for admission, a student must have a GPA of at least 3.25.

Delta Mu DeltaDelta Mu Delta graduates for 2018 include: Dereck DeVries (back left), Keri Johnson; Cassandra Morgan (front left) and Joseph Weier.

Kappa Sigma Iota

Kappa Sigma Iota is an honorary society unique to Dakota State University. It was established by President E.C. Higbie to promote, secure, and maintain a high level of professional fellowship. To be a member, a student must have a 3.5 GPA and be elected by the current members of the society.

Kappy Sigma IotaKappa Sigma Iota graduates are: Shelby Reed (back left), Joseph Weier, Preston Allen, Brianna Allen, Kennedi Ford, Melissa Lock, Tiffany Plummer, Dakota Ruelle; Lynne Hanten (front left), Hailey Harms, Emma Johnson, Cassandra Morgan, Dominique Redlin.

Phi Eta Sigma

Phi Eta Sigma is a national honor society founded on March 22, 1923 to encourage and recognize high scholastic achievement among members of the freshmen classes. The DSU chapter was chartered in September 2006. To be elected, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 at the end of their first year, carry a normal academic load toward a bachelor’s degree, and rank in the upper 20 percent of their class.

Phi Eta Sigma

Phi Eta Sigma graduates include Cassandra Morgan.

Sigma Delta Tau

Sigma Delta Tau is an international English honor society which recognizes scholarly and professional accomplishments in English. The DSU chapter is open to students majoring in English for new media, English education, or minoring in English. To quality for membership, a student must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and a 3.0 GPA in their major field.

Sigma Delta Tau

Sigma Delta graduates include Kennedi Ford and Jacob Giles.

Cum Laude

Cum LaudeBaccalaureate students graduating with Cum Laude academic honors (3.5 to 3.7 GPA) include: Breanna Adsit (back left), Hanna Knock, Carly Rozell, Trent Steen, Joseph Weier, Jacob Giles, Morgan Hoglund, Preston Allen, Brianna Allen; Rachel Slaven, Dominique Redlin, Lynne Hanten, Shelby Thomas, Keri Johnson. 

Magna Cum Laude

Magna Cum LaudeBaccalaureate students graduating with Magna Cum Laude academic honors (3.7 to 3.9 GPA) include: Kelsey Poppen (back left), Emily Schneider; Robert Malick (front left), Kennedi Ford, Jovana Bogdanovic.

Summa Cum Laude

Summa Cum LaudeBaccalaureate students graduating with Summa Cum Laude academic honors (3.9 or higher GPA) include: Shelby Reed (back left), Tiffany Plummer, Corey Hermann, Adam Amussen, Thomas Lange, Zachary Paulson, Cassandra Morgan, Dakota Ruelle; Morgan Larson (front left), Emma Johnson, Kayla Janssen, Hailey Harms, Jessica Dawson.

High Honors

High Honors

Associate degree graduates with academic honors include: Melissa Lock and Allison Stadel.

Student Employees Of Year

Three Dakota State University students were named Student Employees of the Year at the annual honors banquet held April 16. These awards are presented in conjunction with the Midwest Association of Student Employee Administrators. Nominations are solicited through the Career Services Office.

Two students shared the off-campus employee honors, Hunter Cockrell and Sara Erickson. Both are employed by SBS CyberSecurity, LLC, based in Madison, S.D. Tavyn Hallan is the 2018 on-campus Student Employee of the Year. Hallan was also awarded the State of South Dakota 2018 Student Employee of the Year for excellence in reliability, quality, initiative, and professionalism.  

Student Employees of YearStudent Employees of the year for 2018 are: Hunter Cockrell (left), Sara Erickson, and Tavyn Hallan.

Student Senator Of The Year

Dakota State University student Nathan Harmer has been named the Student Senator of the Year. Members of the senate vote for the member they believe has demonstrated exceptional leadership and participation in advancing the mission of the institution. 

Student Senator

Nathan Harmer is the 2018 Student Senator of the Year.

College Student Leader

Several Dakota State University students were named College Student Leaders at the annual spring honors banquet. This award honors students in good academic standing who demonstrate outstanding leadership. Students are selected by each of the four academic colleges.

College Student LeaderDSU College Student Leaders include: Ivy Oeltjenbruns (back left), Hope Juntunen, Dominique Redlin; Hailey Harms (front left), Lindsey Vogl, Shelby Reed.

Campus Student Leaders

Several Dakota State University students were named Campus Student Leaders at the April 16 Honors Banquet. This honor is awarded to students who have been very active on campus. Through their involvement, students must exemplify the highest degree of skill in management, communications, personal relationships, vital involvement and university accomplishments. They must also have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8.

DSU Campus Student Leaders include: Lindsey Vogl (back left), Ivy Oeltjenbruns; Dominique Redlin (front left), Rachel Slaven Sam Beinlich.

Regental Awards

Each year the South Dakota Board of Regents recognizes student organizations on each of the six regental campuses for meritorious achievements in three areas. DSU’s Phi Beta Lambda received the Academic Excellence award; the CybHER Club received the Community Service Award; the Computer Club received the Organizational Leadership Award.

Regental AwardsPictured are Lindsey Vogl (left), representing the PBL Business Club, Ivy Oeltjenbruns representing the Computer Club, and Alexis Vander Wilt representing the CybHER Club.

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