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Campus Watch program begins January 8 at DSU

January 6, 2019

On Tuesday, January 8 Dakota State University’s Campus Watch program will begin aiding students, staff, and faculty in the evening hours. Between the hours of 8 p.m. and midnight, Tuesday through Sunday, two employees will be available for security checks, accompaniment across campus, and more.

“We felt that with as vibrant and alive as our university campus is, we wanted to create a new program that would offer some additional safety and security personnel in the late evening hours,” said Jim Jacobsen, interim vice president for Student Affairs.

Jacobsen and Heath Abraham, university safety resource officer, created the program, which is funded through tuition dollars. The two worked with Career Services and Human Resources at Dakota State to hire six students to fill the Campus Watch positions. The six students received training from Abraham and Jacobsen to prepare for their positions.

The goals of the program are to increase campus security presence during the evening hours, increase visibility and add a physical presence on campus, and provide safety escorts to students and staff across campus, according to Jacobsen.

There will be two employees on duty for each shift. They will wear shirts and coats that identify them as campus security and will carry a cell phone and flashlight with them whenever they are on duty. Students and staff can call the two cell phone numbers – 605-270-7712 or 605-270-7713 -- for assistance from the Campus Watch employees.

While the employees will focus on safety and security, they will also provide customer service to the campus, according to Jacobsen.

Campus Watch employees can assist with jumping someone’s car or carrying items for someone who is recuperating from an injury.

“It’s a resource available for the students and staff, so call if you have a question, concern, or need assistance,” Abraham said.

“We encourage students and employees to program those numbers into their phones,” Jacobsen said.

Signs featuring the two phone numbers will be posted by every building exit on campus.