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DSU announces Film and Cinematic Arts specialization

June 19, 2015

Dakota State University’s Digital Arts and Design program will have a new specialization this fall that focuses on film production and cinematography. The College of Arts and Sciences has been approved by the S.D. Board of Regents to change the specialization under the Digital Arts and Design bachelor’s degree from Digital Storytelling to Film and Cinematic Arts.

The specialization will feature redesigned and new courses in areas such as narrative filmmaking, documentary filmmaking, editing, development and production. Students in the major will still be required to take the major core courses in design, animation, audio production and others, giving them a well-rounded experience in the digital arts.  Now with an improved curriculum and course options, they will enjoy more opportunities to make their own films, and learn more about the creative process along the way.  Whether it has to do with the story and the narrative, composing a great visual image in a shot or the use of sound and music, students will have a chances to do it all.

“We’ve seen a tremendous response from students for this new program. The student led film club, ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ is one of the more vibrant clubs on campus and so we knew the reaction would be positive,” said Dr. Ben Jones, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.  “The former name left people confused and so while we wanted to change the name, we also knew we needed to freshen up and professionalize the curriculum.  We’re rolling this out together and initial student reaction has been enthusiastic.  We are discussing other events and creative student-led initiatives to continue to attract students interested in film and the digital arts.”

The specialization joins four others including audio production, computer graphic, production animation and web design and production.