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DSU approved for new IT building

March 9, 2015

The S.D. Senate and House have both passed SB 110 that revises the authority granted to the Building Authority and the S.D. Board of Regents to construct an information systems building, the Beacom Institute of Technology, on the campus of Dakota State University. The bill received Gov. Daugaard’s signature on Thursday, March 12.

The senate bill repeals and amends session law from 2014 that authorized DSU to renovate the Madison Community Hospital into the information systems building. It also amends a 2012 BOR 10 Capital Plan which previously stated that a new information systems building would be constructed for $10 million. The cost was replaced with the $11.4 million, which is the same amount approved by the 2014 Legislature for renovation of the hospital.

After an extensive analysis, it was determined that the best option for the Beacom Institute would be to build new, rather than renovate. DSU will continue to acquire the hospital facility with the intention of renovating it into student housing and support services space such as tutoring, programming space and counseling. This repurposing fills the need of additional residence hall and student services space that was identified by campus planners to improve service to DSU students.