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Film club makes video for madison central school education foundation

February 18, 2015

Last fall, 16 Dakota State University students, members of the Lights, Camera, Action Film Club, helped the Madison Central School Educational Foundation make a film to tell the story about how the Foundation impacts the Madison school district.

“These students volunteered their time and talents to help us tell our story in a creative way,” said Beth Knuths, executive director of the MCSEF. “The film showed 26 ways that the Madison Educational Foundation impacts our school district—one for every letter of the alphabet.”  

The film was shown at the Foundation’s annual fundraising dinner last November and it fit perfectly into the dinner theme which was P is for Philanthropy.

Knuths was thrilled to collaborate with the students, stating, “These students helped my organization tell our story in a creative way, using video, audio, original animation and original music. They volunteered hours to film, animate and edit this 12 minute film which was a hit at our dinner,” Knuths added. She plans to take this film to community groups and has already shared it with several donors. 

Knuths initially contacted Audio Production professor Nathan Edwards about the project idea, which Edwards subsequently passed to the LCA Film club, under the advisement of professors Alan Montgomery and Joseph Staudenbauer. The project provided students the opportunity to volunteer to work on a real-world, relevant project that they could place in their portfolios. Knuths said that Edwards was confident and enthusiastic that these students could deliver a quality product.

“Darian DeVries was Project Manager and kept everyone on schedule. For someone as creative as he is, Darian was also very organized and professional,” Knuths said. The final product can now be viewed on YouTube. DSU and the Digital Arts and Design program look forward to staying connected with the Foundation in the future.

View the finished video here.